Frank Montano

Citizen of the Quarter - January, February, March 2021


Anakwad (Cloud - Frank Montano) of the Migizi clan is a Red Cliff Tribal Member who continues to preserve Miskwaabekong culture through traditional dance, flute, storytelling, and teaching. Frank was born just west of the Red Cliff Community Health Center, the son of Catherine and Joe Montano who have both walked on. Frank has been married to Midge Montano for sixty years as of June 3, 2021. He is the father of five children, grandfather to fifteen, and great grandfather to twenty one! Frank is always available for his family on demand with love and happiness.

Frank's love for music and the arts has been shared through the United States and internationally. Frank speaks very highly and respectfully of his Red Cliff Community Native American Heritage and Culture. Although his first love is music, he has maintained a loving focus to his family and community. Sharing his time with others through music and words is his gift to the Red Cliff Community.

In the late 1970s Frank held the position as the Red Cliff Arts and Culture Director for the Red Cliff Reservation. The position promoted the arts and culture through the Buffalo Bay Aft Center, which was located where Legendary Waters is presently located. Frank is always willing to prepare food and share it with his family and community. His past career as an electrician is still being shared with family and community members. He is always willing to give a helping hand to his family and community.

Frank has held the following positions to enhance the community:
Red Cliff Council Member
Hunting, Fishing, Spearing, and Gathering of Traditional Foods Supporter
Red Cliff Housing Board
Red Cliff Garden Advisory Board
Red Cliff Arts Board
Bay Area Chequamegon Bay Arts Board
Wisconsin Arts Board

Frank is a gentle and quiet Red Cliff Tribal Member who is always willing to share his time, words, and music with others.
Miigwech Anakwad for continuing to preserve and pass down Red Cliff culture!

The Red Cliff Tribal Council would like to say Chi Miigwech to Frank Montano for all you have done, and continue to do, for the Red Cliff Community.
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