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Annual Plant Giveaway

Mino Bimaadiziiwin continues the annual tradition of a Plant Giveaway, in which thousands of vegetable starts, herb starts, and seed packets are given away to community members for their home gardens. The Plant Giveaway takes place each spring and supports community members who desire to grow their own fresh produce each season. 

Community Health Center
The Farm collaborates with programs at the Red Cliff Community Health Center to increase education and access around nutritious foods, and provides support for community members in recovery from substance abuse.

Youth Engagement
The Farm provides youth engagement opportunities at Mino Bimaadiziiwin. In addition to collaborating with the Bayfield School District during the spring sugarbush and by providing produce to the cafeteria, numerous student field trips have taken place at the farm. Often these field trips take place during the harvest season, providing opportunities for apple harvest, cider pressing, and more. The Farm is working to create more connections with other programs such as the Boys and Girls club. The Treaty Natural Resource Department summer interns also spend time at the farm during their employment.