Crops & Livestock

Mino Bimaadiziiwin built a chicken coop to raise laying hens in 2017 and continues to raise a flock year-round. Eggs produced by the hens are sold to the Early Childhood Center (ECC) at a reduced rate, are added to the farm's annual Community Supported Agriculture (CSA program) and are always available for sale to community members.

Additional livestock can represent an exciting opportunity to offer local, nutritious food to the community as well as diversified revenue streams. Farm livestock can also provide a source of fertilization for the garden, contribute to holistic management goals, and increased educational opportunities. As production grows over the next few years, the farm will revisit the goals of past plans and analyze current capacity to determine what types of livestock makes the most sense for the farm and community, and will take steps to acquire livestock and increase diversity of farm operations.

The Farm grows and produces a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables! The Farm operates a yearly Iskigamizigan (sugarbush) to continue traditional practices of tapping maple trees and to produce zhiwaagamizigan (maple syrup). All produce from the Farm is distributed to various tribal programs, included in the CSA program, sold on-site, and is frequently donated.