JOM Committee

715-779-3700       88455 Pike Rd Bayfield, WI 54814
The Red Cliff JOM Committee has the ability to assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs developed by the Bayfield School District to specifically meet the academic needs of Native American students. The JOM Committee is able to participate in the formulation and implementation of district policies, procedures and goals through involvement on district-wide committees, and attendance at Board meetings.

The Johnson-O’Malley act of 1934 was passed on April 16, 1934, to subsidize education, medical attention, and other services provided by States or Territories to Indians living within their borders. Today, the Johnson-O’Malley program’s purpose is to financially assist those efforts designed to meet the specialized and unique educational needs of eligible Indian students, including programs supplemental to the regular school program and school operational support, where such support is necessary to maintain established State educational standards.

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