Law Enforcement Commission

715-779-3700       88455 Pike Rd Bayfield, WI 54814
The Red Cliff Law Enforcement Commission is responsible for upholding the duties as outlined in Chapter 42 of the Red Cliff Code of Laws. The Law Enforcement Commission makes all decisions concerning employment and discharge of Red Cliff Police Department personnel, including the suspension or removal of the Chief of Police and other officers, pending the filing and hearing of charges filed against them subject to the provisions of Chapter 42. The Law Enforcement Commission consults with and provides direction as necessary to the Chief of Police of the Red Cliff Police Department on all matters concerning the delivery of law enforcement services to the tribal community. 

The Commission reviews law enforcement grant funding, monitors grant administration; oversees budgets and department expenditures. All expenditures of funds shall be in accordance with Tribal Finance Policies, as amended from time to time.

The Commission has the authority to review, revise and implement Department procedures, including Standard Operating Procedures, so long as any such procedures are not inconsistent with any tribal law or agreement entered into by the Band on behalf of the Police Department.

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