Utilities Commission

715-779-3700       redcliff@redcliff-nsn.gov       88455 Pike Rd Bayfield, WI 54814

The Red Cliff Utilities Commission is responsible for upholding the duties as outlined in Chapter 34 of the Red Cliff Code of Laws. The management, operation and control of the public water and sewer system is vested in the Red Cliff Utilities Commission; all records, minutes and all written proceedings of the Commission shall be kept by the Commission acting through an assigned staff member within the Utilities Department. 

The Red Cliff Utilities Commission has authority to establish, impose and adjust rates for the provision of water and sewer services to those connected to the public water and/or sewer utility, including the authority to set fees for connection and re-establishment of services and such other fees and penalties it may deem appropriate to effectively manage the public water and sewer system.

The Utilities Commission shall also have the authority to adopt regulations governing the provision of service and operation of the Utilities Department, said regulations subject to final review and approval by the Tribal Council. The right is reserved to the Red Cliff Utilities Commission to change said rules, regulations, and water and sewer rates and fees from time to time, as they may deem advisable and to make special rates and agreements in all proper cases.

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