Tribal Enrollment

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membership requirements
According to the Red Cliff Constitution, the following shall be members of the Red Cliff Band:

  • Persons of Indian blood whose names appear on the Official Allotment Roll of 1896 and Consensus roll of 1934 of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Bayfield, Wisconsin.

  • All children born to any member of the Red Cliff Band after the effective date of this Article II, as amended, provided that they have been duly registered with the Tribal Council through the Enrollment Office within one year of their birth.

enrollment office
The Red Cliff Enrollment Office provides member enrollment services and issues identification cards for tribal members. Contact the Enrollment Office to complete an application. You will be asked to provide a valid birth certificate.

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trace your lineage
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1934 Project
2024-2025 is the 90th Anniversary of the creation of the Indian Reorganization Act, the 1934 Census Base Roll, and the Red Cliff Constitution. The Enrollment Office is collecting personal recollections, oral histories, and photographs of Red Cliff tribal members alive in 1934-1935. We are asking you to share your stories and copies of photos, so we may preserve them and present them to the community in time for the 100th Anniversary. Click the link below to submit information and/or photos -- Miigwech!

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