Independent Living (IL) Services for Youth

Independent Living Services Program
Independent Living Services is a youth-driven program to help make the transition into adulthood successful. The John H. Chafee independent living program is a national program that helps youth in court-ordered foster care, or youth who have exited out of foster care to achieve success in transitioning into adulthood. In Red Cliff we are currently working with youth 14 to 23 years old by providing resources, allyship, guidance, and education.

Areas of Focus
Our program focuses on high school education, post-secondary education, career exploration, employment, housing, home maintenance, transportation, health and medical, healthy marriage, financial self-sufficiency, community resources, permanency/connections, vital documents, and youth identified goals. Youth achieve these goals through planning, education, training, activities, and support.

No-Cost Program
The program is free to those who qualify. Please see contact information below to see if you or someone you know is eligible for this program.

Office Location:
This program is not part of Red Cliff ICW, but we are located in the ICW building at 37250 Water Tower Road in Red Cliff.

Interested in Independent Living or ready to learn more?
Contact Mindi Erickson, Red Cliff Independent Living Coordinator at 715-779-3747 extension 5218 or email