General Election Results; Swearing In Ceremony Set

The Tribal Council General Election was held on Tuesday July 2, 2024. Vice Chairman Richard "Rick" Peterson retained his seat, while Vincent "Butch" Bresette was elected as Tribal Council Secretary. Shania Nordby (Leask) and Angie LaPointe were elected to fill the two open At-Large seats.

The Swearing-In Ceremony will be held Friday July 12, 2024 at 1:00 PM at Legendary Waters. 

Election Results
Vice-Chair Candidates
Nora Cadotte - 188
Richard "Rick" Peterson - 255

Secretary Candidates
Vincent "Butch" Bresette - 301
Joseph Montano, Sr - 144

At-Large Candidates (2 seats open)

Shania Nordby (Leask) - 117
Scott Babineau - 54
Francis (Frank) Montano - 58
Ernie Grooms - 92
Mercie Gordon - 37
Mark A. Gokee - 95
Stephanie A. (Defoe) Haskins - 82
Shenna Garrity - 21
Angie LaPointe - 99
Steven Boyd - 89
Michael D. Soulier - 6
Dennis J. Soulier - 42
Christopher Hicks - 40
Angela D. Emrich - 23

Advisory Referendum Questions
The results of these referendum questions do not bind the Tribe to act. The responses to these questions are purely advisory.

In the wake of widespread cannabis (marijuana) decriminalization nationwide, Tribal leadership  seeks community input that will help to guide both economic development and policy decisions  moving forward. To that end, the Tribal Council seeks your view on the following question(s):
1. Should the Tribe consider legalizing cannabis for purposes of tribal (civil, not criminal) law? Yes: 333   No: 105

2. Should the Tribe consider allowing or participating in hemp production as an agricultural crop (building materials, textiles, paper, rope, etc.)? Yes: 350   No: 87

3. Should the Tribe consider permitting the medicinal use of cannabis for certain qualified medical conditions? Yes: 410   No: 34

4. Upon legalization within the State, should the Tribe consider allowing or participating in the sale and/or production of cannabis for recreational purposes? Yes: 332   No: 105

Member Adoption Referendum
Yes: 365
No: 86

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