Multi-Purpose Cultural Center To Be Built; Breakdown of ARPA Community Feedback

September 17, 2021 – The Red Cliff Tribal Council is excited to announce that roughly $2.5M of the ARPA funding will be used to build a multi-purpose cultural center and roundhouse in Miskwaabekong for community use. A specific timeline and details will be shared as they become available. The cultural center is expected to be built on the backside of the Cultural Grounds off Nuzzo Road and will include a new parking lot. This new cultural center will bring opportunities for the community to enjoy a variety of activities. Some examples of intended uses include:

-Reservations for ceremonies, birthday parties, baby showers, etc
-Educational programming such as language, culture, and health
-Healing Center
-Dedicated funeral house where families can use the building during their time of hardship
-Health and fitness opportunities
-Kid-friendly educational and recreational opportunities

The Tribal Council would again like to thank community members for providing feedback on how ARPA funding should be allocated. Several focus areas have been proposed based on community input, including Membership, Housing, Culture and Language Preservation, Health Services, and Other Industries Impacted including relief and resources for member-owned businesses. See below for anticipated examples of each focus area. These are not final decisions.

->Direct Relief  ->Child Care  ->Education  ->Workforce Development  ->Elder Services  ->Youth Services  ->Community Playgrounds and Gathering Spaces

->Additional Housing  ->Lease Site Cleanup  ->Revolving Loan Housing Program

Culture & Language Preservation
->Annual Events  ->Multi-Purpose Cultural Buildings  ->Land Purchases  ->Fluent Speaker Education

Health Services
->Wellness Center  ->Mental Health  ->AODA Rehab  ->Physical Health  ->Include youth programming  ->Fire Department and Public Safety Needs

Other Industries Impacted
->Revamped gas station and community store   ->Member-owned Business Relief and Resources    ->New Businesses and Business Development  ->Land Purchases

All Red Cliff Tribal Members are reminded to apply for their General Welfare Direct Relief Payments by October 15 if they have not done so already. Visit for details. Applications and checks are being processed on a rolling basis. There have been over 2,500 applications submitted thus far.

Tribal Leadership continues to assess community feedback to best allocate funds that will positively impact Miskwaabekong now, and for the future generations. Please direct any questions to