Red Cliff Announces Ojibwemowin Teaching & Training Program

3-year program aims to build fluent language teachers;
Q&A Session set for November 1 for interested applicants

October 22, 2021 – The Red Cliff Band is pleased to announce the creation of its Ojibwemowin Teaching & Training Program, with the goal of building fluent language teachers who could then teach Ojibwemowin as a career or job path.

The program will select six applicants to participate in a 33-month program. These trainees would be considered full time, year-round tribal employees and would receive tribal employment benefits during their time in the program. In addition to the six trainees, the Red Cliff Band will also be hiring a project director. Instruction will be in partnership with the Bad River language training program.

"Supporting the revitalization of our language is key to the survival of our people and the next generations to come," said Red Cliff Vice-Chairman Nathan Gordon. Tribal Council is allocating a portion of ARPA funding towards a fluent speaker for three years to benefit this teaching and training program.

The program will be a combination of time spent with an instructor (both in-person and virtually in Red Cliff and Bad River), and time spent completing other assigned duties. These duties could include apprenticing at the Early Childhood Center, taking formal higher education courses, participating in cultural events, and being at the Boys and Girls Club. Trainees will be expected to participate as an active member in events related to language and culture while building the ability to become a teacher.

Two Open House Q&A Sessions are scheduled for November 1, 2021 at the Red Cliff Tribal Historic Preservation Office. The first session is set for 10 AM - 2:00 PM, followed by a session from 4:30 - 6:00 PM. Assistance with applications and resumes will also be available at the Ginanda Gikendaasomin Red Cliff Library. The THPO Building and Library are both located at 36750 Hwy 13 in Red Cliff, at the Cultural Grounds.

The funding for these six trainees will be provided by an ANA grant (Administration for Native Americans), funding from the Bayfield School District, funds from the American Rescue Plan, Red Cliff Education Department, THPO, and Tribal Council.

"Our language is alive and should be passed down to the next generations to come. With this grant, we will get closer to achieving this goal for our people and community," said Red Cliff Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Marvin Defoe.

Those interested in applying for the program should plan to attend the Open House on November 1, or contact the Tribal Historic Preservation Office at: 715-779-3761 or Email:  //

Applications for the six trainee positions and project director position are now being accepted until Thursday November 4, 2021. Apply online.