Red Cliff Breaks Ground On New Multi-Purpose Cultural Center

Red Cliff Breaks Ground On New Multi-Purpose Cultural Center
Center will help revitalize traditional culture, wellness opportunities for community members

November 12, 2021 – The Red Cliff Band broke ground today to begin building a multi-purpose cultural center and roundhouse for community use at Gaa-Miskwaabikaang’s Pow Wow and Cultural Grounds. Roughly $2.6M of the ARPA funding has been dedicated to the cultural center that will be built on the backside of the Cultural Grounds off Hwy 13 and Nuzzo Road.

This new cultural center will bring opportunities for the community to build resilience, wellness, and a way of life that revitalizes and lines up with traditional Gaa-Miskwaabikaang Ojibwe culture. The center will also play a major role in responding to the AODA and mental health crisis. Some examples of intended uses include:

-Ceremonies, birthday parties, baby showers, etc
-Educational programming such as language, culture, and health
-Healing Center
-Dedicated funeral house where families can use the building during their time of hardship
-Wellness opportunities
-Kid-friendly educational and recreational opportunities

“Providing these services for our membership to preserve and further our cultural heritage and identity means so much to us,” said Red Cliff Chairman Christopher Boyd. “This cultural center will be an important addition to Miskwaabikaang and will finally offer an increased cultural way of life for the community.”

The center will feature a large kitchen, restrooms with showers, a large outdoor area for fires, and items for families to have celebrations, wakes, funerals, and other events that need a large and safe space. Ceremonial requirements for funeral services will be met, including covered east-west entrance and exit, sufficient seating, and access to touch the earth.

“Chi-Miigwech to the Tribal Council for allocating the funds, and great job to all staff that helped plan for this roundhouse,” said Vice-Chairman Nathan Gordon. “It is fantastic to see this happen for the Red Cliff Nation.”

The new cultural center is expected to be completed and open for community use in the Fall of 2022. Details will continue to be shared as they become available.

Questions can be directed to the Red Cliff Tribal Historic Preservation Office at 715-779-3761 or via email to    //

Please credit any use of photos to: Red Cliff Band

Chairman Christopher Boyd, Hereditary Chief Robert Buffalo, and Vice-Chairman Nathan Gordon

Vice-Chairman Nathan Gordon performing with the Red Cliff-based drum group Always Thundering.

Tribal Council members, Tribal employees, community members, and Bayfield School students attended the ceremony.