Red Cliff Allocates $12.6M of ARPA Funds To Housing Efforts

Red Cliff Allocates $12.6M to Housing Efforts
~50 additional rental and ownership units to be built

December 13, 2021 – The Red Cliff Tribal Council has allocated $12.62M of ARPA funding for the development of rental apartments, rental houses, and homebuyer homes designed to meet the housing needs of the community.

This housing development project features a minimum of 46 new units, with an expected breakdown of 20 rental apartments, 12 rental homes, and 14 homeowner units. Funds from home sales will then be reinvested into providing additional housing. This will be non-HUD housing stock, which will allow for more flexibility in serving all Red Cliff Tribal Members. Rental units include two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments. Homes available for rent will also feature two-, three-, and four-bedroom layouts.

“This allocation marks another big step toward providing enough housing for our membership here in Gaa-Miskwaabikaang,” said Chairman Christopher Boyd. “This was an easy decision to allocate for this housing initiative. While we’ve taken major strides in reducing the housing shortage, many of our members are still lacking adequate housing. This development of almost 50 new units will help a lot of families and individuals.”

Based on data gathered from the Tribal Census, ARPA listening sessions, Housing Assessment, and direct community member feedback, results show a strong support for additional rental and homeowner properties. This housing development is also expected to provide several job opportunities to support the project.

The project will be directed by Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority (RCCHA), which has an outstanding history of leading new development projects. RCCHA will also be able to provide proper expertise in the long-term management of these new units and facilities.

“We are excited to get more resources to focus on housing needs for the Red Cliff community,” said Cheryl Cloud, RCCHA Executive Director.  “We’ve been successful with new housing developments, including the IHBG Competitive Grant that gave us 12 new single family (SF) units in 2021, and eight more coming in 2022.  This allocation from the Tribe will allow us to keep the ‘development train’ moving forward and give us options to develop different types of housing.  We are truly humbled by the vote of confidence from Tribal Leadership in our Housing Team, and we look forward to the development and build process as we work to provide more housing for Miskwaabikaang.”

More details and updates regarding an opening timeline will be provided as they become available.

Chi-Miigwech to all involved as the Tribal Council continues to work towards meeting the needs of community feedback. See all ARPA funding-related updates online at