Edward Bressette III

Citizen of the Quarter - July, August, September 2020

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Red Cliff Tribal Member Edward Bressette III has been named Citizen of the Quarter for July, August, and September 2020.Legendary Pow Wow-4
Edward was born in Milwaukee and raised in L.C.O. His family had been relocated from Red Cliff during the Indian Relocation Act in the 1950’s. Edward moved to Red Cliff in 2011 and has been an asset and upstanding member of the Red Cliff community ever since.
Edward is a combat veteran and served in both the U.S Army and National Guard. He is the current keeper of the Red Cliff Eagle Staff and is the drum keeper for his drum group “The Little Turtle Singers.”
Edward is always willing to help his community at the drop of a dime. Edward is a frequent oshkaabewis (fire keeper/ceremonial helper). He shovels elders' driveways and roofs for free!
Edward volunteers to do drumming and ceremonial help all over the community. He most recently performed with Frank Morris at the Red Cliff Fish Company opening ceremony.
Edward is a father of three but is a great role model, father figure, uncle, we’eh to not just his own kids but to many children throughout the reservation. Edward dances old style woodland and represents the Red Cliff community in a good way all over Indian Country.
Edward has fought for his country and also continues to fight for the traditional ways of our ancestors here in Red Cliff, to ensure they are passed onto the next generation.
The Red Cliff Tribal Council would like to say Chi Miigwech to Ed for all you do for the Red Cliff Community.
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