Gaa-Miskwaabikaang Comprehensive Plan

Boozhoo Gaa-Miskwaabikaang! It is our pleasure to release the Red Cliff Tribe's Comprehensive Plan, adopted by the Tribal Council on February 6, 2023. Miigwech to all community members for providing feedback throughout the drafting process, and to all who took part shaping the next 20 years of Gaa-Miskwaabikaang's future. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Administration Building at 715-779-3700 and ask for the Planning Department.
We are honored to bring the history of our people forward and build a plan to successfully secure our future.

The Red Cliff Comprehensive Plan will serve as a guide for daily and long-range decisions made to improve the quality of life for the Gaa-Miskwaabikaang Nation. The Plan seeks to connect Anishinaabe history to present day conditions in order to create a better tomorrow for the generations to come. While the Plan is not a regulatory requirement, it is an official document that is approved and adopted by the Red Cliff Tribal Council. It includes a formal amendment process to allow for change over time based on conditions and forecasted outlooks. As a sovereign nation, Red Cliff has also considered the creation of this plan as a tool to inform local, state, and federal government as to the Tribe's self-determined vision for growth.

The Comprehensive Plan should be viewed as an ongoing process and not a singular effort. In other words, it is a "living" document that will be adapted over time to align with the vision, values, and conditions that the community is experiencing. The inter-related elements identified in the Red Cliff Comprehensive Plan include:
» Background
» Culture
» Demographics
» Land Use
» Housing
» Transportation
» Utilities & Community Facilities
» Agricultural & Natural Resources
» Human Resources
» Community Wellbeing
» Economic Development
» Intergovernmental Cooperation

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