Citizen of the Quarter Recognition Award

The objective of this award is to publicly recognize those community members who contribute to the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa community, assist someone in need, or in any way improve the quality of life in the Red Cliff community. The award will be presented quarterly by the Tribal Council at a Regular/Special Council meeting.

Guidelines for nominations and selection of the Recognition Award
The nominee must live within the Red Cliff reservation and be a community member.
Nominees for the award do NOT need to be "well-known" people in the community.
Elected officials are not eligible for nomination.
Nominees should have a reputation for honesty, integrity, and pride in our community.

Selection Committee Membership
The Citizen will be chosen from among all nominations by a select committee consisting of one Tribal Member Elder, one At-Large Council Member, and one Tribal Staff Member. All members will be appointed by the Tribal Chairperson and will serve for a one year period.

nomination form
You can fill out the online form below, or you can download and fill out a nomination form to drop off at the Tribal Administration Building. Completed forms can also be emailed to

Previous citizens of the quarter
Frank Montano

Ron DePerry

Edward Bressette III

Clarissa Bressette

Dusty LaFernier

Leo LaFernier