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About THPO
The Red Cliff Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) monitors and coordinates compliance with both federal and tribal laws to ensure the protection and preservation of Red Cliff's historic and cultural properties.

THPO gathers and maintains information on Red Cliff history and significant properties, designs program information to enhance the significant historic, cultural and archaeological identity of the Anishinaabe people, and provides educational events for the community and surrounding region on the importance of traditional and historic knowledge of Miskwaabekong.

Free weekly Ojibwemowin classes start the first week of April 2022! Registration is now open for the Intro Ojibwe 12 Week Courses.
These classes are free and open to everyone. The classes are hosted by Memegwesi David Sutherland. Memegwesi's teaching style often includes background information and deeper meanings of words. His building-block methods have you making and understanding sentences in no time!
Classes are online via Zoom and Google Classroom. Registration required to attend.
Click this link to register for Level #1 Intro Ojibwe:
Click this link to register for Level #2 Intro Ojibwe:
Click this link to register for Level #3 Intro Ojibwe:
Classes begin on the first on the first full week of April 2022. Class details and descriptions are posted in the flyer.
Please direct any questions to Memegwesi at You can also join his Facebook page: Memegwesi's Ojibwe Language Classes.

Click HERE to learn more about Ojibwemowin in Red Cliff.

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