Water & Sewer Department

715-779-3700              89160 Blueberry Rd, Bayfield, WI 54814

+ Flushing Notice & Violation of RCCL Chapter 34

Apply for Water & Sewer Services

Download and fill out this application form. Return via email or in-person to Red Cliff Water & Sewer.
(Note: You must download the form to your computer before filling out, then save and send)
Via Email: shauneah.gordon@redcliff-nsn.gov
In Person: 89160 Blueberry Rd, Bayfield, WI 54814.

The Water & Sewer Department manages, operates, and maintains utility systems of the Red Cliff Band under the direction of the Water Sewer Commission. There is a monthly fee for services if a family/household chooses to be connected to the Tribe's main line for water or sewer.

The Department conducts maintenance on the Tribe's main water and sewer lines and employs qualified personnel on duty for emergency calls. Dwellings must be within the Red Cliff service area and clients must be willing to pay the fee for services. Contact the Water & Sewer Department for more information.

All tribal members are eligible for a one-time installation of water and sewer utilities pending a completed IHS application and funding availability.