Job Training Program

715-779-3700     88455 Pike Rd Bayfield, WI 54814
The Job Training Program is a part of the Red Cliff Education Department. The Education Department assists with processing applications for financial assistance as needed, pending funding availability. Maximum allowable is $1,800 per academic year, or $900 per semester. The program services are available for up to 4 semesters, or 6 semesters if a nursing student. The Red Cliff Education Committee has established criteria for priority funding.

  • Assists with Indian Scholarship Application
  • Contacts various programs to collaborate as needed
  • Maintains contact with the school while student is enrolled

To qualify
  • Enrolled member of the Red Cliff Tribe
  • Accepted for enrollment to an accredited degree - granting institution.
  • The Indian Scholarship Application is due July 1st each year that a student plans on attending school. (Student needs to apply each year).
  • Must be enrolled as a full time student and maintain a C (2.00 cumulative average).
  • Copies of grades/transcripts for each semester or term must be submitted to the office to continue eligibility for financial assistance
  • Student(s) living within the reservation has highest priority.