Wellness Curriculum Project

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The primary goal of this curriculum is to promote the cultural, emotional, and social growth of Native American children to prevent the development of alcohol and drug abuse.

This publication is a revised version of the 1987 Red Cliff Wellness Curriculum. In this revised version the illustrations have been enhanced and colorized. After these changes were made the curriculum was digitized as an interactive PDF to be more accessible to teachers, students, and the community to allow greater accessibility and to enable teachers to use a promethean board or smart board; a modern approach to interactive teaching. The curriculum remains the same in context as the 1987 original curriculum, in that it serves to educate Native American children in the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse and to show that educational settings are a safe place to discuss personal issues. The curriculum opens the door to educate school age children in a culturally, sensitive way, through the voices of elders, families, and Wenabozho, the Ojibwe cultural hero. It begins with a series of traditional stories which precedes the accompanying activity. It is our hopes that these activities will allow the youth to make better choices when it comes to peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and suicides.

The Ojibwe language used throughout the text will be some of the old spelling of words and
changed to a standard orthography as adapted by John Nichols.

We would like to say Gitchi Miigwech to all the graphic artists, storytellers, Eva Petoskey and Ron DePerry for all their hard work and dedication to this wonderful project. We hope you love the updated version and that this project reaches everyone who needs it!
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Wellness Curriculum Project14 documents

  • Grades K - 3 Wellness Curriculum
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  • Grade 4 - Wellness Curriculum
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  • Grade 5 - Wellness Curriculum
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  • Grade 6 - Wellness Curriculum
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  • Social Policy - The Influence of Laws, Regulations, Plans, Norms, and Beliefs on Alcohol and Drug Use.pdf
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  • Self Awareness Understanding Feelings and Making Healthy Decisions.pdf
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  • Examining The Influence That The Media Has On Alcohol and Drug Use.pdf
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  • Community Organizing Getting Students Involved in Addressing Substance Abuse Issues in Their School and Community.pdf
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  • Accessing Resources Through Effective Cooperation Between Tribal and Non Tribal Agencies
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  • Positive Cultural Teachings
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  • Spiritual / Cultural Perspective on Substance Abuse
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  • Comprehensive Community-Based Planning
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The Ojib Way - Family Wellness Program1 document

  • The Ojib Way - Family Wellness Program
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