Child Care

715-779-3706      88385 Pike Road (Upper Level)
Child Care Assistance is available for low-income eligible families that are providing care and maintenance to a child under the age of 12. The child care services must be needed when the parent/caregiver is engaged in an approved activity, such as work, school, or work/school related training activities. In most cases, families are responsible to pay a co-payment for part of the child care cost to the child care provider. Co-payments are based upon the family size, gross family monthly income, how many children are in care and the type of provider selected (Licensed or Certified).

Though regulation applies to child care arrangements, parental choice and responsibility are essential to ensure quality care for children. Parents can choose between center-based or home-based care, whichever is most appropriate for the child. A parent can best select and monitor the care that meets his/her child's needs. A regulated program reduces risks but doesn't guarantee safety or quality. Individuals interested in applying for child care assistance can apply at a county/tribal agency within their area.

In order to apply for childcare subsidies, parents can call their local consortium at 715-779-3706 or 1-888-764-5722, or parents can visit More information can also be found at


Parent/Caregiver must meet both non-financial and financial requirements to be eligible for child care assistance.

  • Non-Financial Requirements:-
    • Be a citizen or qualified alien in a two parent household, be a parent/caregiver in providing care and maintenance to a child under the age of 12 years of age.
    • Meet residency requirements and apply within the geographical area in which they live.
    • Must cooperate with child support, and provide all necessary information to determine eligibility.
    • Child Care services are needed for the following:-
    • Employed in an unsubsidized position.
    • Less than 20 years of age and enrolled in High School or a High School Equivalency Program:
    • Participating in Food Stamps Employment and Training(FSET), work search or work experience program. Participating in a TANF employment position.
    • Participating in employment skills training, provided by employer during working hours in an unsubsidized employment position.
    • Individual is a TANF applicant participating in upfront job search, training or orientation activities.
    • Individual is enrolled in Post Secondary Education to improve employment status.
  • Financial Requirements:-
    • Low-Income parents must have income at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Once a family has established eligibility, income can rise to 200% FPL. Parents are eligible for child care assistance, until the income exceeds 200% FPL for two consecutive months
    • Income from the following; count the earned income and adjusted gross self-employment income of all household members and unearned income except child or family support income.