Indian Child Welfare

May is Foster Care Month!
The Red Cliff Tribal Council passed a resolution officially recognizing May as Foster Care Month. Chi-Miigwech to our foster parents and caregivers for your commitment to nurturing and helping our children! View the Tribal Council resolution here. Join us at one of our Open House dates - for current foster parents and anyone interested in learning more or becoming a foster parent!

Kinship & Foster Care Program
The Red Cliff Indian Child Welfare (ICW) Foster Care Program is a tribal run program connecting generous, kind, and caring Tribal families with Tribal youth until they can return home, move on to other permanent homes, or live independently. Foster care is meant to be a temporary solution that ends once a caregiver is able to demonstrate the ability to provide appropriate care for the child. Traditionally, our people have cared for our children through extended kin and like-kin familial structures. It’s common to care for one another’s children in times of need. Becoming a foster parent is another way to carry on this tradition by keeping Tribal history, culture, and values alive for future generations to come. Anyone can apply to become a foster parent.

We offer:
•    Home visits to explain the licensing process and expectations of being a foster parent.
•    Training to help prepare you to become a well-informed foster parent.
•    Access to resources (libraries, additional / ongoing training, support services).
•    Ongoing support when children are placed in your care by a team of caring professionals.
•    Respite Care, which is short-term relief for primary caregivers.

What is Kinship Care?
Kinship Care is a program for families caring for kin or like-kin children. The program helps to financially support a child who resides outside of his or her primary home, either temporarily or for the long term, with extended family (such as an adult brother or sister, a first cousin, a nephew or niece, an uncle or aunt or a grandparent, among others) or "Fictive Kin" - commonly referred to as "like-kin" folks. Under Kinship Care, caregivers are eligible to receive a monthly stipend for each child. The child’s placement with extended family or Fictive Kin can be an informal voluntary placement, or the result of a court order.

There are three basic eligibility requirements for Kinship Care:
•    The basic needs of the child can be better met with the extended family or fictive kin than with the parent.
•    The placement is in the best interests of the child.
•    The child currently or would potentially meet the requirements for needing protection or services if the child were to remain with his or her parent(s).

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Parent and/or providing Kinship Care for a child relative? Contact us or stop by the ICW office to learn more, pick up an application, or arrange an informational interview.
Phone: 715-779-3747
ICW Office Location: 37250 Water Tower Road in Red Cliff. Open 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Ready To Apply?
Foster Parent Application
Background Investigation Disclosure Form
Please complete the application and disclosure form above and return to the ICW office via mail or email. Note: To fill out the forms electronically, you must download and save the documents to your device first. Fill the form, save, and email completed document to Paper applications are available at the ICW office.

Mailing Address:
Indian Child Welfare
Kinship and Foster Care Coordinator
88455 Pike Road
Bayfield, WI 54814


Resources and Trainings
Fatherhood Is Sacred®, Motherhood Is Sacred® Sessions
Presented by Native American Fatherhood & Families Association (Mesa, Arizona)
Free Recorded Webinars, Workshops, Classes, and Bi-Monthly Sessions are available online

University of WI Madison Extension, Parenting & Family Relationships
Free and low-cost online classes about child and family development and parenting. Topics include Focus on Fathers, Co-Parenting, Strong Couples, Teens, Screens & Social Media, Reducing Family Conflict with Teenagers, Raising a Thinking Child, and more!
Access the class calendar here.