Tribal Youth Advocate

715-779-3706       88385 Pike Rd
The Red Cliff Tribal Youth Advocate program serves to address the potential problems of high truancy rates and youth violence. The decision to address truancy culminates from increased truancy rates combined with findings of the National Violence Prevention Resource Center's 2014 Gang/Drug Threat Assessment for Red Cliff.

Tribal Youth Advocates work with youth and corresponding departments to monitoring citation issuance, coordinate and facilitate follow-up with each juvenile offender, coordinate with the Courts, Bayfield School, offender parents and/or legal guardians, Red Cliff Tribal Police, Red Cliff Indian Child Welfare, AODA, Red Cliff Youth Services Departments and the Red Cliff Coordinated Services Team. The program identifies juveniles eligible for referral into alternative adjudication other than detention.

Please contact the Family Human Services Department using the contact information provide above to learn more.