WHEAP - Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program

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+ WHEAP Clients - beginning October 1, 2022 an appointment will be required in order for your application to be processed in a timely manner. Please call 715-779-3706 to set up an appointment. Miigwech!

The Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) is available to help low- and moderate-income households with heating and electric expenses. Energy Assistance is a one-time benefit payment for each heating season beginning October 1 and ending May 15.

You can apply in person, by mail, or online. To apply online for Energy Assistance go to https://energybenefit.wi.gov.

The benefit is intended to help pay a portion of the heating costs and is not intended to cover the entire annual cost of the home heating bill. The amount of the heating assistance benefit depends on the household size, income level, and household heating costs.

If you are eligible for heating assistance you may also qualify for crisis assistance and the furnace repair or replacement program. Please call 715-779-3706 and the automated system will direct you to the Red Cliff Family & Human Services Administrator.

Documentation needed at the time of applying:
Propane/Fuel costs for previous heating season (October-September).
Copy of Recent Light Bill or provide correct account number.
Verification of Social Security Number for new household members.
One month of income prior to month applying.

For more information visit homeenergyplus.wi.gov or contact Red Cliff Family & Human Services.