Departments & Services

The Red Cliff Band provides numerous programs and services to its tribal membership and community. The Red Cliff Band is committed to improving the quality of life for its current and future generations of citizens. Each program or service fits in to one of several departments, with each department working across a wide range of responsibilities. Some services require proof of income and/or residence.

Services include vehicle registration, health care, educational assistance, housing programs, social services, child care, food distribution, elderly programs, and more. The Red Cliff Band also provides services that benefit the entire community, such as water and sewer services, law enforcement, emergency assistance, and road maintenance. You can find a list of governmental departments below. Please follow each division's link to learn more about all of the programs and services each department offers.

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The Education Department provides educational, language, cultural, scholarship, and leadership opportunities for Tribal Members of all ages.
Click HERE for the Education Department site.
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Family & Human Services

The Family Human Services Department provides life-enhancing programs to help with food and nutrition, child care, family wellness, elder assistance, youth development, and more.
Click HERE for the Family Human Services site.
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The Red Cliff Health Department offers medical, dental, pharmaceutical, behavioral, and community health services to the Tribal Community and the entire Wisconsin South Shore region.
Click HERE for the Health Department site.
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Housing Authority

The Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority works to provide safe and affordable housing for Red Cliff families.
Click HERE for the Housing Authority site.
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The Planning Department provides expertise and services in comprehensive and strategic planning efforts, project development and transportation infrastructure.
Click HERE for the Planning Department site.
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Protective Services

The Protective Services Department includes the Red Cliff Police Department, Emergency Medical Services (Tribal Ambulance), and a volunteer Fire Department.
Click HERE for the Protective Services site.
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Public Works

The Public Works Department manages and maintains the utility systems of the Red Cliff Reservation, including water, sewage, emergency response, and plumbing.
Click HERE for the Public Works site.
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Treaty Natural Resources

Treaty Natural Resources is dedication to preserving and enhancing Red Cliff's natural resources. Departments include Environmental, Convervation Wardens, Fisheries, and Natural Resources.
Click HERE for the TNR site.

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Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO)

THPO maintains information on Red Cliff history, designs programs to enhance the significant historic, cultural and archaeological identity of the Anishinaabe people, and provides educational events for community.
Click HERE for the THPO site.
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