PAC - Project Application and Compliance - Review

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The process

What's Required?
PAC applications are required to be submitted for projects that involve ground disturbance, or have the potential to affect natural and/or cultural resources. A more detailed list of specific projects and exemptions can be found in the PAC Policies and Procedures. The application can be submitted by filling out a paper copy. Paper copies are available to pick up at the Tribal Administration building.

All applications must include the following: 

  • Proof of Land Ownership (if applicable)
  • Structure Information (dimensions, layout, etc.)
When do I need to submit an application?
Common projects that would require a land use application include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Building a house, garage, sign, fence, or other structure with footings
  • Constructing a driveway or culvert that involves digging and/or expanding the existing footprint
  • Commercial, residential, or recreational development
  • Forestry projects
A full list of requirements and exemptions can be found in the application. If you have a question on whether or not your project requires an application please contact:

What happens after I submit an application?
Once the Zoning staff receive a complete application, it will be distributed for review by the PAC Review Board. The Board is made up of representatives from the following departments:

  • Environmental Health
  • Land
  • Public Works
  • Treaty Natural Resources (TNR)
  • Tribal Historic Preservation (THPO)
  • Zoning
Each representative will review the application and provide feedback based on applicable tribal and federal codes and requirements. Once all of the reviews have been collected, the application will be posted for a 7-day public comment period. After the public comment period, comments received will be taken into consideration and the application will be finalized. Once the application has been finalized, applicable permits will be issued. Submitting a PAC application does not automatically mean the project will be approved. The project must be in compliance with all applicable codes. 

After the review process has been completed, the applicant will be contacted with the results of the review. All permit fees must be paid for prior to permit issuance. Payments are accepted at the Tribal Administration building and online (for land use permits) here.