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The Treaty Natural Resources Department is dedicated to the preservation, protection, enhancement, and sustainable stewardship of the Red Cliff Tribal Nation's natural resources in maintaining balance between healthy environment, economic goals, and future subsistence of all tribal members; ensuring that our future generations continue to enjoy the benefits of those places that are of significant historical, cultural, and environmental importance.

The Red Cliff Treaty Natural Resources Division has been involved with the stewardship of natural resources of the Reservation. The Treaty Natural Resources Division is responsible for the oversight and stewardship of the natural resources within the boundary of, and in the ceded territory of the Red Cliff Band. The Tribe operates a transfer station, fish hatchery, conservation enforcement program, water resources program and other natural resource stewardship efforts are on-going. 

The Treaty Natural Resources Division oversees the following departments:

The Environmental Department exists to protect the quality of the water, land, and natural resources of the Red Cliff Tribe. Click to find out more about Environmental Department programs, including water resources, Lake Superior Barrels Project, Lakewide Action and Management Plan (LAMP), Air Quality, Transfer Station, and Climate Change.

Red Cliff Conservation Wardens serve to protect and enhance the fish, wildlife and wild land resources of the Tribe for continued use by the generations of today and tomorrow through enforcement, education and prevention. Click to learn more, including how to apply for harvest permits. 

The Red Cliff Fisheries Department guides management and restoration decisions for the commercial and subsistence fishery in the 1842 ceded water of Lake Superior. Click to learn more about Fishery assessments, projects, and activities.

The Tribal Fish Hatchery provides a comprehensive fish hatchery program capable of providing eggs, fry, or fish for both on and off reservation stocking for rehabilitation, restoration, or supplementation of native fish stocks in Wisconsin inland waters and Lake Superior. Click to learn more about the Hatchery.

The Natural Resources Department oversees programs that focus on utilizing and preserving the land. Click to learn more about Natural Resources Department programs, including Forestry and Wildlife, Summer Youth Intern Program, and Frog Bay Tribal National Park.

Mino Bimaadiziiwin Gitigaanin
Mino Bimaadiziiwin Gitigaanin (Return to the Good Life Farm) understands food and agriculture as an important piece of tribal sovereignty and is dedicated to supporting the needs of the Red Cliff community and advancing tribal food sovereignty efforts.
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