The Hunting / Harvest Permits Office will have reduced hours. Please call ahead before you come in: 715-779-3732. Hunting, gathering, and camping permits are also available online with your NAGFA ID#. Visit

Permits may be required for some activities on and off reservation. Please check with one of the departments listed below for more information or to pick up a permit.

This is not a comprehensive list. Dates and Bag limits are subject to change.

WARDEN OFFICE (715-779-3732)
  • Treaty based harvest activity permits for Off-reservation Hunting, Trapping and Gathering
  • National Forest Camping and Parking Permits
  • On-Reservation Hunting and Trapping Permits
  • Dog licensing
  • ATV/Snowmobile registration for On-Reservation use

HATCHERY OFFICE (715-779-3750)
  • Home Use Fishing Permits
  • Commercial Fishing Applications: Big and small boat licenses
  • Commercial Logging Permits

  • Burn Permit
  • Woodcutting Permit
  • Small Scale Harvest Permit
  • Environmental Change Permit
  • Environmental Activity Permit

natural resources OFFICE (715-779-3795):
  • Commercial Logging (Non-Member and Member)