Boards & Committees

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There are current vacancies on the Business Development Corporation,  Cemetery Committee, and the Gaming Commission.  Apply today!

Various boards, committees, commissions, and task forces exist throughout the Red Cliff Tribal Government.

These entities provide a communication channel between elected officials and the community. Issues, ideas, and expertise are brought to the public decision-making process.

Interested in serving on a board or committee? Submit a committee application online, or stop by the Tribal Administration Building for a paper application.

Election Board
The Red Cliff Election Board is responsible for conducting all Tribal elections as codified in the Red Cliff Code of Law Chapter 32. The Election Board consists of a chairperson, two election clerks, two at large members, and two alternates.

The Election Board is appointed no later than 30 days prior to the election and serves until the results of the election are certified. Election Board members must be eligible to vote in the Red Cliff Tribal Election.

Find more information on the Election Board by reading Chapter 32 of the Red Cliff Code of Law.

Gaming Commission
The Red Cliff Gaming Commission is responsible for implementing the provisions of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and of the Red Cliff gaming ordinance, as codified in the Red Cliff Code of Law Chapter 17 Section 10.  The primary responsibility of the Gaming Commission is to oversee and regulate gaming within the jurisdiction of the Red Cliff Reservation and to ensure gaming activities are conducted fairly and honestly.  Additionally, the Gaming Commission is to ensure that gaming operations are shielded from organized crime and other corrupting influences.

Find more information on the Gaming Commission by reading Chapter 17 of the Red Cliff Code of Law.

Housing Board
The Red Cliff Housing Board is responsible for implementing the provisions of the Red Cliff Code of Law Chapter 19 pertaining to the Red Cliff Housing Authority.  The primary responsibility of the Housing Board is to oversee and regulate all matters concerning housing, tenants, and homebuyers within the jurisdiction of the Red Cliff Reservation.

The Housing Board serves to remedy unsafe and unsanitary housing conditions that are dangerous to the public health, safety and morals. The Housing Board works to increase the availability of decent, safe and sanitary dwellings for persons of low income; and provides employment opportunities through the construction, reconstruction, improvement, extension, alteration or repair and operation of low-income dwellings.

Health Board
The Red Cliff Health Board is responsible for presiding over decisions and policies that affect the health and wellness of the Red Cliff community. The Health Board is responsible for ensuring health and wellness services are provided with professionalism, sensitivity, courtesy, and respect.

Law Enforcement Commission
The Red Cliff Law Enforcement Commission is responsible for upholding the duties as outlined in Chapter 42 of the Red Cliff Code of Laws. The Law Enforcement Commission makes all decisions concerning employment and discharge of Red Cliff Police Department personnel, including the suspension or removal of the Chief of Police and other officers, pending the filing and hearing of charges filed against them subject to the provisions of Chapter 42. The Law Enforcement Commission consults with and provides direction as necessary to the Chief of Police of the Red Cliff Police Department on all matters concerning the delivery of law enforcement services to the tribal community. 

The Commission reviews law enforcement grant funding, monitors grant administration; oversees budgets and department expenditures. All expenditures of funds shall be in accordance with Tribal Finance Policies, as amended from time to time.

The Commission has the authority to review, revise and implement Department procedures, including Standard Operating Procedures, so long as any such procedures are not inconsistent with any tribal law or agreement entered into by the Band on behalf of the Police Department.

Utilities Commission
The Red Cliff Utilities Commission is responsible for upholding the duties as outlined in Chapter 34 of the Red Cliff Code of Laws. The management, operation and control of the public water and sewer system is vested in the Red Cliff Utilities Commission; all records, minutes and all written proceedings of the Commission shall be kept by the Commission acting through an assigned staff member within the Utilities Department. 

The Red Cliff Utilities Commission has authority to establish, impose and adjust rates for the provision of water and sewer services to those connected to the public water and/or sewer utility, including the authority to set fees for connection and re-establishment of services and such other fees and penalties it may deem appropriate to effectively manage the public water and sewer system.

The Utilities Commission shall also have the authority to adopt regulations governing the provision of service and operation of the Utilities Department, said regulations subject to final review and approval by the Tribal Council. The right is reserved to the Red Cliff Utilities Commission to change said rules, regulations, and water and sewer rates and fees from time to time, as they may deem advisable and to make special rates and agreements in all proper cases.

Business development corporation
The Red Cliff Business Development Corporation oversees the enterprises owned and operated by the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. The BDC provides economic development guidance and resources.

Fishing Committee
The Red Cliff Fishing Committee implements the regulations outlined in Chapter 7 of the Red Cliff Code of Laws and oversees the operations of Red Cliff commercial fishing.

Family Human Services Committee
The Family Human Services Committee is responsible for decisions pertaining to programs and services that fall under the Family Human Services Department, and focuses on the well-being of the Red Cliff Community.

JOM Committee
The Red Cliff JOM Committee has the ability to assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs developed by the Bayfield School District to specifically meet the academic needs of Native American students. The JOM Committee is able to participate in the formulation and implementation of district policies, procedures and goals through involvement on district-wide committees, and attendance at Board meetings.

The Johnson-O’Malley act of 1934 was passed on April 16, 1934, to subsidize education, medical attention, and other services provided by States or Territories to Indians living within their borders. Today, the Johnson-O’Malley program’s purpose is to financially assist those efforts designed to meet the specialized and unique educational needs of eligible Indian students, including programs supplemental to the regular school program and school operational support, where such support is necessary to maintain established State educational standards.

Membership Committee
The Red Cliff Membership Committee oversees all matters pertaining to Red Cliff Tribal Membership, including the approval of membership applications, registrations, adoptions and reinstatements.