Integrated Resource Management Plan

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The Integrated Resource Management Plan determines how the Reservation’s assets and resources are utilized and developed for the future of the Tribe. The Plan reflects community goals and objectives, and ensures that tribal officials, resource managers and community members will be informed of the potential effects of proposed activities and projects before the impacts occur. The intent is to minimize conflicts in management and to coordinate the planning process by taking an integrated approach to land use management.

Pursuant to 25 USCS § 3703 (11) [Title 25. Indians; Chapter 39. American Indian Agricultural Resource Management], the term integrated resource management plan means “the plan developed pursuant to the process used by tribal governments to assess available resources and to provide identified holistic management objectives that include quality of life, production goals and landscape descriptions of all designated resources that may include (but not be limited to) water, fish, wildlife, forestry, agriculture, minerals, and recreation, as well as community and municipal resources, and may include any previously adopted tribal codes and plans related to such resources.”

Integrated Resource Management Plan 2006-2016: