Tribal Court & Legal

Physical Address: 37290 Community Rd, Bayfield WI
Mailing Address: 88455 Pike Rd Bayfield, WI 54814

The Red Cliff Tribal Court is vested with jurisdiction over all violations of the Red Cliff Codes of Law and is the established justice system for the Red Cliff Tribe. The Tribal Court can be comprised of a Chief Judge, two Associate Judges, a Reserve Judge, and Magistrates as appointed by the Tribal Council. Admissions requirements to the Red Cliff Bar include written and oral exams on Tribal Law.  The Court's source of power is vested by the Red Cliff Constitution and ordinances.

Subject matter jurisdiction includes Conservation Violations On & Off reservation, Small Claims, Domestic Abuse, Traffic, Child Welfare, Tribal Ordinances, Extensive Civil Code, and Divorce.

Personal jurisdiction presides over Tribal Members and a limited number of non-members.

The court serves citizens by providing a forum for general jurisdiction over disputes arising under the laws and constitution of the Red Cliff Band.

Chief Judge: Henry M. Buffalo
Associate Judge: Gwendolyn Topping
Tribal Attorney: Dave Ujke
Tribal Attorney: Wade Williams
Tribal Prosecutor: Laura Belanger
Clerk of Court: Heather Deragon
Assistant Clerk of Courts: Kennedy Defoe
Bailiff: Don King
Appeals: Three Judge Panel consisting of Judges from other Tribes