Tribal Council

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Tribal Council Meeting Information

The Red Cliff Reservation is governed by an elected nine-member Tribal Council. This Tribal Council consists of a Tribal Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and five At Large Members. Tribal Council elections occur annually in July and are staggered so the entire council cannot be replaced simultaneously. Each council member serves a two-year term. In odd years, there is an election for Chairperson, Treasurer, and three At Large seats. In even years, there is an election for Vice Chair, Secretary, and two At Large seats.

"To promote, plan, and provide for the health, welfare, education, environmental protection, cultural preservation, and economic well being of tribal members and to protect treaty rights now and in the future."

Nicole Boyd - Chair
Richard Peterson - Vice Chair
Laura Gordon - Treasurer
Nora Cadotte - Secretary
Vincent "Butch" Bresette - At Large Member
Ernie Grooms - At Large Member
Scott Babineau - At Large Member
David Curran - At Large Member
Bryan Bainbridge - At Large Member

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