Fraud Warning: Beware of Fake Behavioral Health Service Offerings

Boozhoo Gaa-Miskwaabikaang, there has been a series of fraud schemes targeting various tribal communities with fake behavioral health centers, phony sober living homes, and fake service offerings.

The Red Cliff Band and the Red Cliff Behavioral Health Department offer behavioral health services at four main locations, including the Red Cliff Community Health Center (36745 Aiken Rd), the Noojimo’iwewin Center (37450 Water Tower Rd), the Mishomis Wellness Center (37390 North Bradum Rd), and the Comprehensive Community Services CCS building (37280 Community Rd).

Please beware of any unsolicited offers for behavioral health treatment that ask you to meet at other locations. If something feels “off” or if you receive an offer for a health service you are not sure about, please contact the Red Cliff Behavioral Health Department at 715-779-3741 or 715-779-3707.

Learn more about these fraud schemes and how to stay vigilant HERE.