Joint Statement from Tribal Council and Protective Services: Incident Report, Community Action

June 27, 2023

In the early hours of Sunday June 25, Gaa-Miskwaabikaang lost a beloved community member. The Red Cliff Tribal Council and Red Cliff Police Department send its sincerest condolences to all impacted by this incident and tragic death.

Shortly after arriving on scene Sunday morning, officers made an arrest. The suspect is facing felony charges, each of which carry a maximum prison sentence of 25-30 years in the state of Wisconsin. The manner of death is suspected to be a fentanyl overdose. However, official cause of death cannot be definitively confirmed until autopsy and lab results are available.

The Red Cliff Police Department is working closely with the Bayfield County Drug Investigator as well as BIA Drug Investigators on this case. Updates will be provided as the investigation continues.

Resources are available to anyone grieving and impacted by this incident. The Red Cliff Community Health Center and Red Cliff Behavioral Health Department offer care and support to anyone in need. Please call 715-779-3707 or 715-779-3741.

Community Action
While RCPD and official Drug Investigators work diligently on cases like this, action from community members is vital to making a difference. RCPD has had community members come forward with knowledge, suspicion, and rumors – all of which do help to an extent. However, what law enforcement needs most is proof, including community members willing to write and sign witness statements, to appear in court, and to testify to what they see. The idea of “everybody knows what is going on” does not stand up in court.

RCPD estimates there are roughly an equal number of drug dealers in the community as there are official law enforcement officers in the department. We must work together to protect our community and our future generations. If you have any information you are able and willing to share, please contact RCPD at 715-779-3733, or stop by the RCPD office at 88385 Pike Rd (lower level).

The Red Cliff Tribal Council and RCPD send its sincerest condolences to all affected. Be well and continue to support one another. There is strength in numbers.


Chairman Boyd  &  RCPD Chief Hall