Survey Staff Delivering Door Hangers Starting December 14

Survey staff will be delivering door hangers and your unique survey code beginning December 14

Boozhoo Aaniin Gaa-Miskwaabikaang! The Red Cliff Band has launched a Tribal Census survey taking place from mid-December 2023 through February 2024. All households on-reservation will receive a door hanger with an online survey code in mid-December. This survey is an important data collection project designed to compile accurate information about Red Cliff tribal members. The data collected during this survey will be used to enhance local programs and attract funding for various community programs.

What to expect

Census Field Staff

Beginning December 14 2023, survey staff will drop off information and instructions so you can complete the survey online. You will also have the option of completing the survey in-person with field staff if you choose. Survey topics include income and employment, health and human services, education, and Red Cliff culture and language. All household information requested by the survey is essential to accomplishing the project’s goals. The responses provided to field staff and via the online survey will remain confidential and anonymous.

Please provide honest and complete answers to the survey. Your answers will help to:
-Enhance the ability of the Tribe to plan and develop programs
-Ensure that the Tribe receives its fair share of funding
-Affirm the Tribe’s sovereignty and expand its self-determination
-Determine current and future need for essential services that benefit you

The information you provide will help our community!

The survey will take about 15-30 minutes to complete. As a special thank you, each household that completes the survey will receive two $15 gift certificates of their choice for Buffalo Bay Store, Peterson's Foods, Red Cliff Fish Company, and Legendary Waters. Households will also be entered into weekly drawings for a $100 Walmart gift card.

Keep an eye out for your door hanger! It will have a unique survey code that you can use to complete the survey. Once you have your survey code, you can take the survey online at On-reservation households that do not have internet access will receive paper surveys if they choose not to complete the survey in-person with survey staff.

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Liz Boyd, Tribal Survey Manager
715-779-3744 ext 3518

Kevin Klingbeil, Big Water Consulting